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Timing Belt Tensioners

Key Feature:

  • Constant Belt Tension & Alignment: Maintains timing drive synchronization, controls meshing noise, and ensure proper belt positioning
  • Prevents Belt Tooth Skip: Incorporates an “anti-kickback” feature.
  • Compensates for Thermal Expansion/Contraction: Adjusts to engine temperature changes.
  • Adjusts for Belt Stretch and Wear: Adapts to belt changes over time.

Automatic timing belt tensioners are essential components in modern OHC engines, meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance.

They are specifically designed for each engine, with Original Equipment rigorously testing each new application.

These tensioners maintain the correct tension and damping levels, crucial for the smooth operation and effectiveness of the timing drive.

Any compromise in their design, materials, or manufacturing could lead to severe engine failure, highlighting their importance in engine reliability and functionality.

The Litens Difference

Litens Timing Belt Tensioners are designed to prevent belt tooth skipping, dampen vibrations from the engine, and tune the timing drive for optimal performance.

The precision pivot shaft design ensures the correct alignment of the belt, and the application-specific design with a tuned tension level caters to various engine types. The patented damping technology of Litens Timing Belt Tensioners ensures a quiet and smooth operation of the timing drive system.

Furthermore, these tensioners adjust for belt stretch and wear and compensate for engine thermal expansion and contraction, maintaining the overall health and efficiency of the engine.

Each tensioner comes with a detailed installation guide tailored to each engine, guaranteeing accurate and specific fitting.

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