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Poleas Torqfiltr

Key Features:

  • Extended Belt & Tensioner Life: Experience up to 2x increased durability of drive system and tensioner components, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance.
  • Quieter & Smoother Operation: Say goodbye to noise, vibrations, and harshness. The TORQFILTR™ Pulley reduces these disturbances, providing a stable and pleasant driving experience.
  • Direct Replacement: Easy installation as it replaces the OE pulley on the crankshaft, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Unique Torsion Spring Design: The TORQFILTR™ Pulley is equipped with a one-of-a-kind torsion spring design that effectively absorbs engine vibrations and minimizes belt tension fluctuations.

Litens TORQFILTR™ crankshaft pulley is a highly advanced tuning device designed to absorb engine torsional vibrations, isolating them from the belt drive system.

As a result, this significantly enhances engine efficiency while reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) for improved gas mileage.

The TORQFILTR™ eliminates the need for additional dampening devices on the belt-driven accessories.

What sets the Litens TORQFILTR™ Pulley apart is its sophisticated internal spring and clutch system. This innovative design excels at absorbing the forces associated with belt accelerations and tension reversals. Furthermore, it incorporates a “free-wheel” or “overrun” function that comes into play when the belt experiences sudden deceleration.

The ability of the pulley to “free-wheel” or “overrun” during these critical moments plays a pivotal role in eliminating damaging tension peaks in the belt. This allows the engine to operate more efficiently and minimizes NVH issues, ensuring a smoother and quieter ride.

The technology behind the TORQFILTR™ Pulley is patented and exclusively produced by Litens, guaranteeing unmatched performance and reliability.

Invest in the Litens TORQFILTR™ Pulley for a quieter, more efficient, and longer-lasting engine belt drive system.

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